• LGBT+ Hinckley - Martin Bowie

Thank you, and Goodbye

First of all, thank you for being with us on this journey. The past year has been a rocky one (understatement) and we are starting to see a light to the other side of this pandemic. Unfortunately, the past year has meant all of our activities have been online which is not how we like to do things! We have been hoping lockdown eased that we could meet in person once more. but this hasn't been the case.

In October 2020, Our founder Martin's career went down a different path and time became even more precious. With this in mind, we have been actively searching for a person to take over the role. But like so many people, uncertainty in these difficult times has Volunteering is challenging and people with hours to spare are impossible to find who are able to dedicate as much time as needed to our cause.

So, what now? from May 1st 2021 our website will close down for a final time. As for our social media platforms, these will stop receiving new content but will remain open for your own referencing of services and information that matters to you. We have no plans to close the social space as this is still a very active part of our local community and will still be monitored by an admin as this has always been the case. So it's not quite a goodbye from LGBT+ Hinckley, but just a goodbye from Martin Bowie.