• LGBT+ Hinckley - Martin Bowie

Almost Time to Go Racing!

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

In exactly one month's time on Sunday 2nd August, it will all be over! The 24-hour race that is and I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of the drivers taking part we will not want to see a driving game for quite some time.

The race is confirmed to be starting now at 7pm on Friday 31st July and will be live-streamed on twitch for the duration of the race. We would advise you to follow our Twitch channel so you can be notified when we start and also whilst we are leading up to the race you can watch our practice sessions too. www.LGBThinckley.co.uk/Race

At the time of writing this blog, this event has raised just over £250 on our Just Giving page. We have exciting plans which are currently waiting in the wings but we do need your support in helping raise the funds necessary to hold this event. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lgbthinckley

Our team of three will be driving in two-hour stints before switching with another driver. We will be racing against 19 AI (Artificial Intelligence) drivers set at a Professional level. But driving for 24 hours isn't enough of a challenge we have also made it as close as we can to an actual race around the famous Le Man's circuit as possible. So that does mean we will be racing with tyre degradation, fuel depletion and if we crash the car we will damage it and we will need to pit.

So who is making up our team? Our first driver up is Andrew Wileman who is Martin Bowie's Brother and LGBTQ+ Ally. Joining Andrew we have Matthew Robinson who is a keen gamer and you may have noticed him in a few roles in TV and Film such as BBC's Bodyguard and Sam Mendes 1917 film. Finally, we have Martin Bowie who is the founder of LGBT+ Hinckley who also came up with this event. Each of our drivers will be hoping to put their years of driving skill to the test and probably never play a racing game again, who knows!

We have been lucky enough to have our drivers supported by local businesses & franchises. The team will be fed by Ponchinellos which has worked extremely hard in establishing a strong reputation for using only the finest fresh ingredients and giving that true Italian pizza experience. Let's just say for now our drivers won't be going hungry as we also have Dominoes (Earl Shilton) supporting our team on Saturday who has offered to keep our team fed too.

We know the current climate due to coronavirus isn't great but we ask you to donate what you can on our just giving page. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lgbthinckley