This story is a very brief summary of coming out story and coming to terms with who I am. But where to begin?

If I think about it I started having thoughts when I was in eleven or twelve in secondary school and of course it’s the changing rooms. Though at this time I guess I never thought that I might be gay.

It would not be until I was sixteen and I would start to question my sexuality more. At the same sort of time my cousin had just came out as Gay and he suddenly became the butt of many jokes in the house which made me feel I had to hide my thoughts even more. I soon found that I had a few friends that were also questioning their sexuality. This then led to me being caught by my sister in the park once, this is where my once secret was being discovered who in turn also told my mum.

It was kept secret from my Dad until I wanted to move in with my partner. Now I had to tell him, so as well as announcing that I would be moving out I also had to break the news that I am also Gay. But I didn’t have the courage to tell them to their face all of this so one evening when I was with my boyfriend, I composed a text with him to send to my family.

I sent the text but never had a reaction from the family in May 2015. Speeding up the course of time over five years. I founded LGBT+ Hinckley in August 2017 which the idea is support local LGBT+ community with sharing resources and through shared experiences through the coming out stories. I have more recently changed my surname to cut all ties with my so-called family and I am much better for it. The surname I chosen was because throughout my coming to terms with who I was only listening to David Bowie so it only seemed fitting.