LGBT+ Hinckley is a voluntary organisation that has been established to support gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the Hinckley and surrounding area.


We aim to provide a safe place, where you can socialise amongst peers in the LGBT+ community. We started on social media in August 2017, since then we have grown and supported our local LGBT community. We are here to support you. You may just need a friendly face to talk to and ask questions and we are here to listen. We also will keep you up to date on everything happening in the area and in the wider community.

With all this in mind, we do have to currently exclude under 18's from the joining in from all our activities, events & support until appropriate safeguards are in place. However, if you are under are age restriction and you need advice, we will always try and help you find the most age-appropriate support group/ organisation for you.



Events & Fundraising Coordinator

Si brings his years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping us grow and succeed, he's been involved within several LGBTQ+ and Voluntary organisation settings in various roles.

In my free time I like to restore old caravans 70s or earlier. I am a keen carriage driver and have a lot of experience with horses. And I love traveling and off-roading with the 4x4.

If you have any queries regarding events please contact me on: 

Engagement Coordinator

I came out as gay in July 2015 in society that still didn’t seem to accept it. However, through support from family and friends, I have been triumphant in life. I have not stopped believing in myself and who I am.


Over the years I have used my experience and knowledge to give advice to others who are struggling about coming out or aren’t sure how to cope now they are out with there sexuality. With the help of LGBT+ Hinckley, I have been able to help more people in the community and give back to those who helped me through the years.

You can contact me on:



I came out in May 2015, by August 2017 I started to lay the foundations to what would become LGBT+ Hinckley.

I have worked as an IT Technician in a few roles now as well as a teaching assistant in a Primary school. However, in September 2020 I will be resuming my studies to become a KS2 teacher.

If you want to reach out to me, feel free to email me: